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Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to Haggonfields Primary School...where stars learn to shine!


Haggonfields is a village school at the heart of its community. We pride ourselves on creating a happy, caring, family atmosphere where everyone is encouraged to achieve their potential and develop a life-long love of learning. Children lie at the heart of everything we do and every decision within the school is made by firstly considering what is in the best interest of our children.


Since being appointed as Head of School I, along with our incredible team of staff both from Haggonfields and St John's, will do our upmost to continue creating a warming and happy environment for our children and families, a place where they feel at home and a genuine hub of the community of Rhodesia. Haggonfields is about working together with others to ensure we all have the potential to achieve our best in all areas. We all have high expectations of the pupils and strive to provide the highest quality education that is both exciting and inspiring. With this in mind we hope to provide children with a variety of engaging learning experiences both in and outside of school and aspirational experiences to inspire young minds for the future. 


It is fundamental for us to create warm, caring and trusting relationships between staff, pupils and parents/carers throughout school and the local area. They allow children to feel comfortable whilst at school and also helps build a strong home and school partnership that is integral to children's success. We recongise the important role parents and carers play in ensuring children's success' within school and therefore always welcome and value your contributions and ideas. Our school is always open and want to instill an approachable ethos within school at all times.


A strong sense of community is important within our school, it is key for me to make Haggonfields the hub of the local area. A place where our children feel proud to belong to this school and having a genuine respect for themselves, each other and the environment. The staff, Governors are all proud of the journey we are currently taking and the potential for the future.  


You are more than welcome to visit us; please arrange an appointment to see our school and meet our friendly children and staff.


Mrs S Henry

Head of School

Mrs S Henry - Head of School