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Week 1 W/C 02/11/2020


Talk to your child about the Owl Babies and their family.

Talk about your family. You may want to talk about brothers, sisters, grandmas, granddads, aunties and uncles.


Week 2 W/C 09/11/2020


Look at the family tree below including three generations (grandparents, parents & children). Talk to each other about members of your family and who would be in your family tree!




Week 3 W/C 16/11/20


Use the family tree document below to draw your own family tree. Don't forget to put generations below each other and eldest- youngest from left to right. Send me a picture so that I can see it!

Week 4 W/C 23/11/20


Try and find an old item in your house or a house of someone you know. Talk about the item- why is it so old? Where has it come from? Do we still use these items now? If so, has anything changed about them? Why? Perhaps you could compare your old item to your new item!