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Week 1 W/C 02/11/2020


Read the book 'Titch' with an adult.

Talk about the sizes of the children using words like 'short' and 'tall' to describe them.


Go outside & collect some Autumn Leaves. Can you sort the leaves? You could sort them by colour, size or shape.


Use this Topmarks game to explore the language of size encouraging the children to use the terms 'short' and 'tall'.

Week 2 W/C 09/11/2020


Play the 'Shape Monster' game with an adult. Can you match the same shape to each monster? Good Luck!


Stand next to an adult or brother or sister. Who is the tallest? How do you know? Measure each other using a tape measure!


Get a dice and roll it. Look at the spots and count them. Can we do that many jumps, hops, or steps? Repeat lots of times!

Week 3 W/C 16/11/20


 Find some objects of all different shapes & sizes. These could be rocks, buttons, beads, bottle lids. Sort the objects with your child. Could you sort them by shape, size or colour?


Play a magic game! Find 5 objects and place them on a tray. Count them together. Cover them with the blanket and say a magic spell whilst your child closes their eyes. Whilst they are not looking, add 1 or 2 more objects to the tray. What has happened? Can we count how many now! Focus on using the language of 'more'.


Repeat the above game but this time take some objects away. Focus on using the language of 'less'.

Week 4 W/C 23/11/20


Get some playing cards or number cards. Play a game of 'snap' with an adult, looking carefully at the numbers and objects to check they are the same. Who will be the winner?!


Go on a hunt in your house for something that is taller than you. Can you find something that is shorter than you? Can you find things taller and shorter than your grown ups?


Read or watch the story 'Goldilocks & the three bears'. Use vocabulary such as harder, softer (chairs), bigger, smaller (beds) and hotter, colder (porridge). Encourage your child to join with you using this vocabulary too.

Week 5 W/C 30/11/20


Decorate your Christmas tree with an adult. Remember to use positional language such as 'the angel is on top of the tree' or 'I am putting the star under the bauble.'


Gather three lengths of tinsel/beads for your tree. Look at them and discuss their length. Which is the longest? How do you know?


Watch the snowflakes video on YouTube. Encourage your child to join in with the counting using their fingers to show your different numbers. 


Week 6 W/C 07/12/20


Take some baubles off your tree (with a grown ups help) and try to sort them into groups. Can you sort them by size, shape or colour? 


Watch the song 10 little elves.

Can you join in counting the elves? 


Play the game counting the presents to match the number!