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Week 1 W/C 02/11/2020


Practise making two colour patterns with a variety of resources for example red, blue, red, blue.


Play a game of 'shops' exploring playing with coins.


Get a grown up to draw the 4 owls from our story 'Owl Babies'. Can you order them by size? Can you use the words 'short, tall, taller and tallest' to describe them?

Week 2 W/C 09/11/2020


Go outside and find some sticks. Could you use the sticks to make some shapes? Could you make a square? Could you make a triangle? Get a grown up to draw one if you're not sure what they look like! Can you make a circle- why/why not?


Practise different activities talking about how long they take. Do these activities take a long or short time? Why? Which one takes the longest?

Jumping 3 times, putting on shoes, putting on gloves, putting on a hat, washing hands.

Could you use a watch or a timer to time yourself doing the activities?


Visit the Topmarks website and play the 'Toy shop money game' using 1p coins to count out the total for each item!

Week 3 W/C 16/11/20


Collect two of your favourite toys and have a tea party. If you had two pieces of food and had to halve it, how many would each toy get? What is half of 2? If you had 4 pieces of food and had to halve it, how many would each toy get? What is half of 4? Repeat with different objects and toys!


Look at some 2D shapes with a grown up. Draw these on a piece of paper if you don't have any! Can you use household materials to make the shapes? You could use straws to make a square, rectangle or triangle! You might be able to use buttons or beads too! Send me your photographs so I can see them!


Get some straws and cut them different lengths. You choose a straw and let a grown up and/or brother and sister choose one too. Who has the longest? Who has the shortest? Repeat!



Week 4 W/C 23/11/20


Read or watch the story 'Titch'.

Talk about the heights of the children using the vocabulary short, taller, taller, tallest, shortest. Who is the tallest in your family? Who is the shortest?


Play a partner game with a grown up asking them to move their body in specific ways. Try to ask them to do three actions in a sequence- for example can you do a star jump, roll over and stand up? Can you do a whole turn, jump and hop? Swap roles and get a grown up to tell you what to do!


Use lots of items from home to practise double 1 = 2 and double 2 = 4. You could use pencils, toys, food such as raisins, beads or apples!



Week 5 W/C 30/11/20


Think of some daily actions eg brushing our teeth, getting dressed, eating dinner, going to bed. Talk to your child - do these take a long time or are they short activities? Could you draw a symbol for each activity and sort them.


Think of a 2D shape in your head (circle, square, triangle, rectangle). Describe it to your child, for example 'I am thinking of a shape with 3 sides that has 3 points.' What could the shape be? Could you child guess?


Use the powerpoint to discuss the answers to 3 + 3, 4 + 4 & 5 + 5.


Week 6 W/C 07/12/20


Watch the numberblocks episode on doubling.

Can you get some objects and double them? You could try and write the number sentences to match!


Draw some Christmas characters eg Santa, Mrs Clause, an elf and rudolph. Think carefully about their height, who might be tallest? Why? Could you cut them out and put them in order of their size?


Use the shape picture sheets below to make your own Christmas shape pictures. What shapes did you use? Could you talk about their properties?