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Response Curriculum Summer 2021

Our curriculum is continually evolving in response to the needs of our children. We have reviewed our Summer Term curriculum and developed a 'Response Curriculum' for Years 1-6 that addresses any identified gaps in the children's learning to ensure academic achievement and wellbeing. These are some of the changes:


- We have changed our quality texts to ensure that we have engaging and accessible starting points


- Our Maths and English themes have been planned to ensure that there is a clear progression of key skills in each class. They also address any areas where we need to ensure additional consolidation 


- We revised some of our cultural capital and enrichment activities so that they are in line with current Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines


- We have increased out PSHE topics to ensure that our children's emotional wellbeing is a priority


- We have included three focus weeks on Anti Bullying, E-safety and Mental Health to ensure that our school has a consistent approach to supporting our children's wellbeing


The following plan outlines our curriculum changes in response to the Covid-19 pandemic: