School Logo

The Staff Team

Senior Leadership Team
Executive Principal - Mr G Rizzo (DSL)

Head of School – Mrs S Henry

Vice Principal - Mr K Houghton (DDSL)

Assistant Principal (KS1) - Mrs J Godley

Assistant Principal (KS2) - Mrs J Holt
Senior Teacher – Mrs E Grierson

Business Manager - Mrs K Thackery (DDSL)
Office Manager – Mrs C Hancock


Mrs N Renshaw


Cygnus Class (EYFS) – Mrs E Grierson
Aquila Class (Year 1/2) – Mrs S Upton/Mrs C Ginever
Delphinus Class (Year 3/4) – Miss C Passaseo
Columba Class (Year 5/6) – Miss C Butler


Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Thirlwall – Pastoral TA

Miss K Swann
Mrs K Moore

Mrs J Hurst

Mrs L Hothersall


Lunchtime Staff

Miss S Perkins - Nurture Group

Mrs J Thirlwall - Playleader

Miss S Canning
Mrs J Hurst
Mrs K Moore


Sports Coaching
Mr Henry

Coach Kirkwood

Coach Facer


Site Manager

Mr S Keogh


Kitchen Staff
Mrs J Gladwin