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Welcome to Haggonfields Primary


A warm welcome is offered from all Pupils, Staff and Governors at Haggonfields Primary. We are a school community that lies at the heart of the village. A cultural capital that is built on strong friendships and close family. Working together under the leadership of the Principal Mr Rizzo and Vice-Principal Mr Houghton we are both able to add our wealth of experience to enhance the learning of pupils.

Haggonfields Primary is a school with a vision that each and every pupil will aspire to stretch their learning boundaries so that anything is possible. For pupils to be able to achieve this a safe, secure and nurturing environment is provided.

All learning is centred on the school values of; respect, inspiration and success.

  • Pupils learn to have respect for themselves, others and their surroundings.
  • Inspiring lessons create enquiring minds and pupil lead ideas are nurtured.
  • All successes are celebrated and encouraged. 

The development of teaching and learning in school is of great importance. Learning opportunities provide building blocks that extend and challenge existing knowledge and understanding. The staff ensure that teaching allows every child to engage in the world around them. The school is situated in a large expanse of greenery and it is a vision to expand provision so that outdoor learning becomes a part of each learning opportunity.

The staff and governors are passionate that the children are at the heart of the school and that their wellbeing is of upmost importance. The pupils are equipped with the skills to continue their journey through education and beyond as resilient passionate individuals.

All visitors are very welcome to see the work that is taking place and ever growing vision at Haggonfields Primary.  

Mrs J. Godley and Mrs. E. Grierson