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Free School Meal Voucher Scheme

We have had a number of enquiries about the Edenred Free School Meals Vouchers scheme so I would just like to clarify how the scheme works. 


School meals are free for ALL pupils in Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 under the government Universal Infant FREE School Meals initiative. They are entitled to free school meals regardless of the household income. However, some pupils in school receive benefit-related Free School Meals.


Due to the current Coronavirus crisis and school closures, the government has set up a national voucher scheme to issue vouchers for those children entitled to benefit-related Free School Meals.


Schools can now provide every eligible child with a weekly shopping voucher worth £15 to spend at supermarkets while schools are closed due to Coronavirus. The scheme will allow schools to provide vouchers to families via email. The vouchers are sent to parents or carers via the Edenred portal.


Please note: these vouchers are only available to those who receive means-tested Free School Meals. They are not for children who receive Universal FREE School Meals.


Children may be eligible for free school meals if their parents receive the following benefits: Universal Credit (provided the annual net earned income does not exceed £7,400 per year or £616.37 per month), Income based Employment and Support Allowance and Income based Job Seekers Allowance.


If you think you may be eligible for Free School Meals based on your income, you can apply via the Nottinghamshire County Council Citizen's Portal.  If your claim for Free School Meals is successful, the school will be sent confirmation of eligibility and the start/end date for entitlement. Once the school receives this official confirmation, we will enter your details on the Edenred to generate your voucher.