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Staffing Update

As we look ahead to the Spring Term, I wanted to give you an update on our staffing for January.


Sadly, we are saying goodbye to three of our teachers: Mrs. Tamdi, Miss Tokell and Mrs. Bradford. All three teachers were appointed on short-term temporary contracts.


Mrs. Bradford will be leaving us as Mrs. Ginever returns from maternity leave. Mrs. Ginever will be our Aquila Class job share teacher as well as our PPA teacher.


Both Miss Tokell and Mrs. Tamdi have stayed with us longer than we initially planned due to the Covid-19 outbreak in March. They both stepped up to help us support key worker provision and remote learning. We value their support during such unprecedented times! In her role as Deputy Head, Mrs. Tamdi has worked with me to drive school improvement since my appointment in January.


We recently appointed two new permanent members of staff who will be joining our team in January. We are welcoming Mr. Brightman as our new Columba Class teacher and Mrs. Grierson as our new Delphinus Class teacher. Both teachers fit in with our school ethos and values perfectly.


Mrs. Grierson comes to us as an experienced teacher with a record of raising standards in core subjects and a commitment to bringing the curriculum alive. Mr. Brightman is also an experienced teacher and he has a record of raising standards in Computing which will complement our school’s approach to whole-school improvement across the curriculum. 


Our staffing structure from January will be:



Teaching Assistant - Interventions

Cygnus  – Nursery/Reception

Miss Wheatley

Mrs. Hothersall

Mrs. Hurst

Mrs. Moore

Aquila – Year 1/2

Mrs. Upton

Mrs. Ginever

Miss Swann


Delphinus – Year 3/4

Mrs. Grierson

Miss Perkins


Columba – Year 4/ 5/ 6

Mr. Brightman

Mrs. Hothersall


PPA cover

Mrs. Ginever

Pastoral Teaching Assistant

Mrs. Thirlwall

Sports coaches

Coach Kirkwood/Coach Facer/Coach Smith