School Logo

Vision and Values

Haggonfields Whole School Intent

Haggonfields Primary School...where stars learn to shine!


School ethos – our core belief:

All children have it in them to be stars: that's the conviction behind the vision and values at Haggonfields Primary School.


We value:

…the aspiration in every child. Our school’s primary aim is to identify the full breadth of each pupil’s capabilities and develop these to their best advantage, for life.

…the opportunity for our pupils. We believe that, whatever their level of ambition, children can achieve even more than anyone at first imagines. We aim to provide the opportunity and support always to go further.

…the curiosity and a love of learning as a source of joy and achievement. By example and through nurture, we seek at all times to encourage lively, enquiring minds.

…the resilience to overcome a challenge. Our aim is to produce pupils who enjoy and welcome challenge, because challenge is an adventure they are equipped to meet.

confidence founded on self-worth and reinforced through success. We aim for all our children to develop a justified sense of self-assurance to help them pursue their life goals with a good heart and an open mind.

…a sense of belonging and enabling others to belong. We aim for our school to be a happy, inviting place where people treat one another with kindness, tolerance and respect, and variety is celebrated.